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Completed: 1940

Displacement: 940 tons full 1,180 tons

Length: 62,48 meters

Beam: 10,06 meters

Draught: 4,04 meters

Armament: 1 × 102mm, 1 × 40mm , 4-6 × 20mm / 12.7mm,  ASW (0-1×hedgehog, 1-2×DCL, 1-2×DCR)

Propulsion: 2 × S.E cylindrical boilers, 1 × vertical triple expansion reciprocating engines @ 2750 hp, 1 (shaft)

Speed: 16 kts

Sensors and processing systems: 1 × Type 271 RADAR from March 1941 1 × Type 123A or Type 127DV sonar

Range: 3,500 nmi (6,500 km) at 12 kn (22 km/h)

Complement: 85

14th   November 1941

Escort Group 40 ships detached on arrival of Freetown Local Escort but remained with OS10. Detached from convoy during passage due to fuel shortage.

18th . Arrived at Freetown with awnings rigged as sails. 19th  Deployed at Freetown for Local Escort and anti-submarine duty. Carried out search for reported U-Boat with three other corvettes.

28th.  Joined HM Destroyers SOUTHWOLD and DULVERTON, HM Sloop MILFORD, HM Corvette HOLLYHOCK and HM  Battleship ROYAL SOVEREIGN as escort for military convoy WS12Z  during passage to Cape of Good Hope.

December   15th.   Detached to refuel at Port au France and rejoined WS12Z.  Detached from WS12Z and took passage to Simonstown. Retained in South Atlantic pending transfer to Eastern Fleet.

1 9 4 2. January   9th                 

Deployed at Cape Town.   Provided Local Escort for military convoy WS14 with HMS HOLLYHOCK during passage in Cape area.

10th . Detached from WS14 and returned to Cape Town.

(Note: WS14 was taking troops reinforcements to Singapore)

February . Nominated for service in Indian Ocean as part of Eastern Fleet

4th.  Sailed from Cape for Mauritius with call at Durban to refuel.


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