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Completed: February, 1941

Displacement: 940 tons max. 1180 tons

Length: 62.48 m

Beam: 10.06 m

Draught: 4.04 m

Propulsion:2 × SE boiler , Power: 2750HP

Speed: 16 knots

Range: 5000nm at 10kts

Complement: 80

Armament:  1 x 101.6 mm , 1 x 40 mm , 4-6 x 20mm or 12.7 mm , 2 x  charge thrower , 1 x charge thrower (Hedgehog) HMS Woodruff took part in the rescue of US Merchant Flora McDonald which was sunk in the south Atlantic on 30/05/43 by U- 126 in position 07º 15”N 13º20”W. The vessel had 7 dead and 63 survivors. The still burning vessel was  towed by HMS Woodruff, HMS Tamarisk, HMS Milford and HMS Zwarte Zee  for Freetown at 5.5 knots.

At 18.00 hours on 1 June, they beached the ship in Freetown Harbor where the cargo of rubber was salvaged. The Liberty ship burned for 16 days and was later declared a total loss. 


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