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Displacement: 1,140 tons standard, 1,550 tons full

Length: 300 ft

Beam: 30 ft

Draught: 10ft 11’

Propulsion: 3 Thornycroft type Water-tube boilers, Brown-Curtis steam turbines, 2 shafts, 30,000 shp

Armament: 4 x BL 4.7 in (120mm) Mk.I L/45 guns, mount P Mk.I, 2 x QF 2 pdr Mk.II "pom-pom" (40 mm L/39) anti-aircraft guns, 6 (2x3) tubes for 21-inch (530 mm) torpedoes

Complement: 130

Range: 320-370 tons oil, 3,500 nmi at 15 kt, 900 nmi at 32 kts.

HMS Wishart D 67 served initially at Gibraltar, Alexandria and in Apr 1941 was detached to Freetown. In July returned to UK for refit and conversion for use as Long Range Escort.

On 12 Apr 41 HMS Wishart rescued the master, 35 crew members, two gunners and three passengers from British merchant St. Helena sunk by U-154 in pos 07º 50’N 14º 00”W and landed at Freetown. St. Helena was loaded with 7600 tons of grain and General cargo included canned meat, rice, cotton and wet hides.


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