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Completed: 1919

Displacement: 1,140 tons standard, 1,550 tons full

Length: 300 ft

Beam: 30 ft

Draught:  10 ft  11 ‘

Propulsion: 3 Yarrow type Water-tube boilers, Brown-Curtis steam turbines, 2 shafts, 30,000 shp

Armament: 4 x BL 4.7 in (120-mm) Mk.I guns, mount P Mk.I, 2 x QF 2 pdr Mk.II "pom-pom" (40 mm L/39), 6 (2x3) tubes for 21 in torpedoes

Complement: 134

At South Atlantic Station base Freetown from June 1941 to February 1942

The deatils of  the activities of HMS Vansittart shown below. By 


JUNE 13th

13th   After detaching from HMS VICTORIOUS took passage to Freetown with HMS WILD SWAN as escort for military convoy WS9A during Atlantic passage.

18th   Detached from WS9B with HMS WILD SWAN on arrival at Freetown. Joined HM Destroyers BOREAS, BRILLIANT, VELOX, VIMY, WILD SWAN, WIVERN and WRESTLER for convoy defence based at Freetown.

20th  Provided Local Escort with HM Destroyers BOREAS, VELOX and WILD SWAN for WS9B on departure from Freetown for Cape of Good Hope

22nd. Detached from WS9B and returned to Freetown.


16th  Joined military convoy WS9B with HM Destroyers BOREAS, BRILLIANT and VELOX for Local Escort on departure from Freetown for Cape of Good Hope.

18th Detached from WS9B with Local Escort and returned to Freetown.

August  Atlantic and Local convoy defence based at Freetown in continuation to



3rd  Escorted coastal convoy (ST10) to Takoradi. 14th Carried out search for submarines reported operating in Bathurst - Cape Verde Islands.

19th  Joined military convoy WS14 with HMS WILD SWAN to supplement Local Escort by HM Destroyers BRILLIANT and HURWORTH during passage into Freetown.

21st.  Detached with Local Escort on arrival of WS14 at Freetown.

1 9 4 2

January  Freetown deployment in continuation.

21st  Joined military convoy WS15 with HM Destroyer VIM3C as Local Escort.

25th  Detached from WS15 on arrival at Freetown


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