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Completed: 1936

Displacement: 582 tons

Length: 162 ft

Beam: 32 ft

Draught:  17 ft

Propulsion: Triple exp. 4 Cyl.  Steam, 2300 IHP

Armament: 1 × 4 inch BL Mk.IX single gun, 2 × Vickers .50 machine guns (twin), 2 × .303 inch Lewis machine gun (twin), 2× Mk.II depth charge throwers, 2 × depth charge rails with 40 depth charges, originally fitted with minesweeping gear, later removed

Complement: 85

Speed: 15 kts

HMS Southern Pride was a steam-powered whaler built by the Smiths Dock Company of Middlesbrough in 1936.  She was the design inspiration for the Flower class corvettes used to escort convoys in the North Atlantic in World War II. She was wrecked off Freetown in June 1944.

While based at Freetown, HMS Southern Pride K 249 and HMS Arran T 06, rescued the master, 107 crew members, seven gunners and 15 RAF personnel  and landed at Takoradi on 25 December. HMS Dumana was a Seaplane tender based at Bathurst, Gambia where she serviced two Sunderland squadrons. She was sunk by U-515 on 25 Dec 43 in pos. 04º 27’N 27º 58”W, when sailing in convoy STL 8 loaded with 300 tons of RAF stores. 39 men were lost.


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