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Picture kindly sent by Brian Lindley - UK.

Completed: 1936

Displacement: 593 tons

Length: 162 ft

Beam: 32 ft

Draught: 17 ft

Propulsion: Triple exp. 4 Cyl. Steam, 850 HP

Armament: 1 × 4 inch BL Mk.IX single gun, 2 × Vickers .50 machine guns (twin), 2 × .303 inch Lewis machine gun (twin), 2× Mk.II depth charge throwers, 2 × depth charge rails with 40 depth charges, originally fitted with minesweeping gear, later removed.

Complement: 85

Speed: 15 kts

HMS Southern Gem was deployed with her sister Southern Pride at Freetown as part of an antisubmarine and coastal patrol group. In post war years it was decommissioned and returned to its previous role as a whale catcher. Scrapped in 1962. This information was provided by Brian Lindley in UK.


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