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Photo. www.    Sister ship HMS Northern Spray

Completed: 1939

Displacement: 455 tons

Length: 138 ft

Beam: 23 ft

Draught: 13 ft

Propulsion: 3-cylinder triple-expansion steam engine, 1 screw

Armament: 2 × 12 pounder guns AA

Complement: 30

HMS Turcoman was deployed along with several Armed trawlers at Freetown to provide escort and convoy protection. When sailing in convoy consisting of Saint Basile and two A/S trawlers HMS Birdlip (T 218), HMS Turcoman  off Greenville, Liberia they were attacked by U-547 which sank HMS Birdlip (T 218)  at 01.36 hours with a Gnat and at 02.56 hours the merchant Saint Basile.


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