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Completed:  1941

Displacement:  940 tons

Length:  205 ft

Beam:  33 ft

Draught:  11,5 ft

Propulsion: 1939-1940 program, single shaft, 2 × fire tube Scotch boilers, 1 × 4-cycle triple-expansion reciprocating steam engine, 2,750 ihp (2,050 kW)

Armament:  1 × 4 inch BL Mk.IX single gun, 2 × Vickers .50 machine guns (twin), 2 × .303 inch Lewis machine gun (twin), 2 × Mk.II depth charge throwers, 2 × depth charge rails with 40 depth charges, originally fitted with minesweeping gear, later removed

Range: 3,500 miles

Complement: 85

Speed:  16 kts

When on duties at South Atlantic Station base Freetown on 1 Jun 43 HMS Tamarisk along with tug HMS Zwarte Zee (W 163), sloop HMS Milford (L 51) and HMS Woodruff (K 53), took the still burning vessel Flora McDonald in tow for Freetown at 5.5 knots. At 18.00 hours on 1 June, they beached the ship in Freetown Harbor where the cargo of rubber was salvaged.

The Liberty ship burned for 16 days and was later declared a total loss. US Merchant Flora McDonald loaded with 6270 tons of cocoa, mahogany and rubber was torpedoed on 30 May 1943 by U- 126 in position 07.15N, 13.20W. 6 crewmembers were lost and 63 survived. 


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