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Built: 1937

Tonnage: 5,103 / 8,500 tons

Cargo: Potatoes and cotton

Route: Egypt - Fretown

Sunk by Adm Scheer  20/01/41   09º  27’ S   03º 00’ W   

3 Dead

37 POW

Stanpark was sunk 1,000 miles off the coast of Angola West Africa. Among the prisoners taken are 3 Royal Navy officers on their way to take up appointments on warships the Mediterranean.

The ship's crew were imprisoned aboard the raider. This time Captain Krancke torpedoed his captive ship. Alas, the first torpedo missed. A second went awry as it ejected from the tube, smashed the stern of a launch coming under the stern of the Scheer, dropped into the water, and ran for a few hundred yards before it turned around a came back toward the Scheer.

Fortunately for the Germans, it sank before making contact. The third torpedo struck home and the Stanpark went to the bottom.



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