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Built: 1928

Tonnage:  5,597 / 9,274 dwt

Cargo: 5 American light bombers, 86 military vehicles and 1000 tons of ammunition.

Captured  21/01/41 by German raider Adm. Scheer  09º 27’S  03º 00’W. Sunk by explosions.

0 Dead

100 POW.

Barneveld had (besides her crew) 52 personnel of the Royal Navy on board and one Indian passenger for Capetown. The Royal Navy personnel were headed for the Eastern Mediterranean. Another source mentions 51 Royal Navy passengers.There were no casualties among the crew or passengers when the "Panzerschiff" Admiral Scheer captured Barneveld. The entire crew of Barneveld was transferred to the captured Norwegian tanker Sandefjord, which headed for Bordeaux and arrived there February 26, 1941.


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