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Built 1937    

Tonnage  5,299 / 9,130 Tons   

Cargo: 8,800 tons of zinc concentrates

Route: Port Pirie - Freetown - Swansea

Sunk 22 Oct 39 by time bombs of Graf Spee  on pos  19º40’S 04º 02’E.     

0 Dead 

32 Survivors transferred to supply ship Altmark

On 22/Oct/39, having departed Port Pirie Australia, bound for Swansea England, when plying the waters off Santa Helena, she was spotted by the Arado aircraft who radioed the position to the raider which set course disguised as a French warship, once visual contact was established French colors were dropped down and Kriegsmarine was then raised. The Radio Officer at Trevanion rushed to send a distress signal but had the Radio Room and aerials strafed by Graf Spee.

A boarding party of 20 Germans climbed the ship and once the crew boarded the raider, demolition charges were set and Trevanion plummeted beneath the waves some 600 miles west of Luderitz, South Africa. Graf Spee set course for more promising routes when met Altmark. In that occasion the British crew was then transferred to that supply ship. The Captain and 3 more crewmembers remained at Graf Spee and were released at Montevideo.   

The crew of Trevanion and Graf Spee watch the slow agony of the merchant as she begins to sink. Picture by Michael Pocock

Trevanion seen from stern docked. Location unknown. Photo Wikimedia.

The bow of Trevanion begins to raise. Within seconds there will be no traces of the British merchant. Picture by Michael Pocock


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