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Built: 1921

Tonnage: 10,086 / 13,550 Tons

Route. New Zealand - Sidney - Capetown - UK 

Cargo:  8,000 tons of general cargo, including meat, dairy produce, calf skins and casein.   

Sunk 2 Dec 39 by Adm GRAF SPEE on pos 19º 15'S 05º 05'E   

0 Dead   

64 Survivors 

Had departed New Zealand outbound for  England,  stopping  Sydney and Capetown  with  a cargo of frozen meat, dairy products and wool.  She was intercepted by GRAF SPEE  600 miles W of SW Africa. Passengers as well as the crew were transferred to the raider and the  DORIC STAR  was shelled and sunk. Nonetheless the radio operator sent a distress signal with her position.  

Doric Star seen being shelled by Adm Graf Spee. Picture by Michael Pocock

A motor boat with a boarding party is seen from the Graf Spee. Picture by Michael Pocock 

The stern is clearly visible with its deck gun. Picture by Michael Pocock

Crewmen from Doric Star come close alongside Graf Spee. Picture by Michel Pocock

Doric Star in her death throes is shelled by the powerful guns of Adm Graf Spee. Soon she will slip beneath the waves. Picture by Michael Pocock

Doric Star being struck by one torpedo from Graf Spee. Photo by Michael Pocock


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