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CANT 506. The forerunner of the first L. A. T. I. flight to South America. The same broke a world record in 1937 when flew nonstop from Cadiz, Spain to Caravelas, southern Bahia, Brazil covering 4362 miles. Source.

SM 83. One of the land planes L. A. T. I.  used them until it was closed late in 1941.

SM 79 Savoia Marchetti. The same opened the phase of land planes from Rome to Rio de Janeiro with stops at Seville (SPAIN), Lisbon (PORTUGAL), Vila Cisneiros (SPANISH SAHARA), Sal (CAPE VERDE), Natal, Recife and Rio de Janeiro (BRAZIL) 

Bruno Mussolini, son of Benito Mussolini seen during an official visit to Rio de Janeiro in 1938. As a pilot he took part in Rome - Rio air raid involving three aircrafts SM 79. Named as "Green Rats", the same were donated by the Italian Government to the Brazilian Army Air Corp.  

Map of late 30's shows the how far went  L.A.T.I across Europe, Africa, Middle and Far East and South America.

View of one SM 79. This plane was largely used for both civilian and military purposes

Picture taken from the crew which made the historical raid to Brazil in 1938.

The artistic rendition depicts the moment of the triumphant Italian planes crossing the Gauanabara Bay having the sugar loaf mountain at Rio De Janeiro.  By


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