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Commissioned 1935

Displacement 1332 tons

Speed: 17 knots surfaced and 8.75 knots submerged

Range: 21600 km surfaced at 9 knots.

Complement: 66

Armament: Two 4.7 inch guns; four 13 mm anti-aircraft guns and eight 21 inch torpedo tubes, six in the bow and 2 in the stern.

Fate. Scuttled 20/Aug/44

GIUSEPPE FINZI sank two ships in the south Atlantic with 9,674 tons DWT.


GIUSEPPE FINZI (pennant number FZ) was launched 29 June 1935. The first war patrol was from Cagliari to the Atlantic, and lasted from 5 June to 10 July 1940. Finzi sailed on 7 September 1940 and passed theStrait of Gibraltar on 13 September for an Atlantic patrol to Bordeaux on 29 September. Admiral Karl Doenitz visited Finzi on 30 September to welcome Regia Marina sailors to the German base. The third patrol near the British Isles from 24 October to 4 December 1940 revealed that the diesel engine air intake was too exposed for North Atlantic winter weather.

The fourth patrol was near the Canary Islands from 10 March to 17 April 1941 and the fifth patrol was off Gibraltar in August. During the sixth patrol from 7 to 29 December 1941 Calvi, Finzi and Tazzoli rescued sailors of the sunken raider Atlantis. Finzi sailed for Operation Neuland on 6 February 1942 and returned on 31 March. Finzi returned to the Caribbean Sea for an eighth patrol from 6 June to 18 August 1942. On 26 November 1942 Finzi sailed for a ninth patrol to Brazil; but mechanical problems required return to base on 10 December. 

Finzi patrolled the west African coast from 11 February to 18 April 1943. Conversion to a transport submarine was never completed, and the boat was seized by the Germans on 9 September 1943 when Italy surrendered to the Allies. Renamed UIT21 in German service, she was scuttled atLe Verdon-sur-Mer on 25 August 1944 to prevent her capture by advancing Allied forces.





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