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Above the moment when Cruiser Omaha intercepts the blockade runner Odenwald. Photo. 

Rare picture from Odenwald. Kindly sent by Sergey Ionov.
Built 1923   
Tonnage 5,098 / 8,550 dwt   
Cargo: 3,857 tons of Crude rubber 545 tons of Oats 900 tons of Peanuts 7 tons of Oatmeal 102 Goodrich Auto tires 97 tons of Tannic Acid 360 tons of Brass 50 tons of Copper 25 tons of Dried Fruits 3 tons of Wax 26 tons of Roots 226 tons of Steel
0,5 ton of Hair 3,5 tons of  Fish oil 17 tons of Nuts 4 tons of Tea.   Total Cargo: 6.223 tons.
Captured  06/Nov/41 by Cruiser Omaha and Destroyer Sommers in pos 00º 14’N 27º 44’ W
O Dead   
45 POW 

US boarding party seen aboard the Odenwald. Picture by 

Detail of the makeshift sail rigged at the Odenwald. The same helped the ship to reach the British base at Trinidad. After a stop for refuelling they set sail to San Juan PR.

Rare view of the Odenwald seen from Destroyer Sommers crew before a boarding party sailed to inspect the Blockade Runner.

The boarding party from Sommers seen in the moment when they get alongside the Odenwald

Odenwald seen astern of the boarding party.

Prisoners from Odenwald seen aboard USS Omaha bound for San Juan. Among them there was a former crewmember from raider Graf Spee.


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