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Picture provided by COASTERS & OTHER SHIPS Copyright BANGSBO MUSEUM
Built 1922
Tonnage 4,422 / 7,165 dwt 
Route.  Santos - France
Babitonga ex Osiris was scuttled 21/06/41 to avoid capture by HMS London on pos. 02º05”S 27º42”W
37 crewmembers were rescued as POW
Data kindly provided by Ken Deshaies.

HMS LONDON. The Royal Navy exerted a tight grip in the South Atlantic sea lanes turning the task of German merchants in  break out a very dangerous one. Only  few ships managed to pass unscathed, but just to be caught in the next run.

Picture Wikipedia.

Above a nice view on the moment when London scout plane Walrus was catapulted 

The moment when HMS London fired her guns against Babitonga. Soon she went down


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