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Artistic rendition of Recife Harbor during the War and the numerous warships at the docks.

View of the docks at Recife harbor. Boxes and crates with all kind of supplies are piled up. In the bottom, one cruiser is seen. Probably the USS Memphis, the Flagship of Adm. Jonas Ingram. Photo LIFE Magazine

US sailors can be seen waiting to boarding a transport motorboat which will take them for one vessel nearby. Photo LIFE Magazine

Main entrance of the Camp Ingram Recife.

German ship Westphalia can be seen moored at Recife. The same carries one seaplane Dornier on the deck.

The intense traffic of US ships at Recife, the  headquarters of the Fourth Fleet. Sailors prepare to board one motor boat. Photo LIFE Magazine

One recently unloaded grader leaves the docks at Recife harbor. Dozens of machines were used by the American and Brazilian teams to erect several military facilities in the city. Photo LIFE Magazine

Nice picture of the harbor with the Brazilian Merchant Bage in the foreground. The same was torpedoed and sunk in 1st August 1943. Photo LIFE Magazine

One US motor boat is seen dashing to one of the several US ships at the harbor. Photo LIFE Magazine

American personnel from ADP seen walking alongside the docks at Recife. Photo LIFE Magazine

One US motor boat dashes toward one of the several US ships moored in the opposite side of the harbor. Photo LIFE Magazine

View of one street in the docks area. Men are seen at the café while the 2 newspapers headlines reads: “Numerous US warships hunt a German raider in the south Atlantic". The other, stated: "The troops of Von Rundsted reachs Crimea in Ukraine". Photo LIFE Magazine.

Panoramic view of Recife downtown with the arrow pointing to the large building, Headquarters of the Fourth Fleet.

Large view of the so called Base Fox at Recife harbor. From there Adm. Ingram commanded nearly 200 ships from both U.S and Brazilian Navy. In the detail, the battleship Sao Paulo. With her eight 350mm guns, she poised as a deterrent floating fortress.



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