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The index  above shows all buildings erected at Jiquia. The US Army stored all explosives used by  the US Navy ships of 4th Fleet.

U.S. Army built bunkers, and an ammunition-storage base. The installation consisted of 13 steel arch magazines, three concrete magazines. Two fuse and detonator and the barrack buildings.

Also a system of radio transmitters, whose station, the powerful NKM, was also erected at the Jiquia Field, with its multiple devices transmitting simultaneously in four waves.

Fuse and Detonator building. 2 by 7x9 feet were erected at Jiquia Ammunition Depot.

Arch Magazines above. 3 of that same model were at Jiquia each one measuring 22x53 feet. 16 other magazines with various dimensions were also erected at Jiquia Ammunition Depot.



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