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Rare archival footage showing  scenes from the Recife harbor area during World War II, where it is possible to observe:
German and Italian prisoners of war disembarking from US Navy vessel; very likely to be from any German Blockade Runner scuttled in the south Atlantic circa 1944
A large number of US military personnel are seen on the quay of Recife harbor.
Traffic of jeeps and trucks taking the prisoners from the harbor area to the Ibura Airfield.
Two ships from US Navy seen: Light cruiser Memphis and Destroyer Sommers.
Presence of Marines and custodians of the harbor area
German prisoners seen at Ibura Field being interrogated and photographed.

This video is a reproduction made by the historian Manoel Fonseca directly from the United States National Archives in College Park, MD, in September 2013. The reference for citation is: "USS MONTPELIER (CL 57)", Record Group 428, National Archives Identifier: 75935, Local Identifier: 428-NPC-1298.


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