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Photo. SDGM (Serviço de Documentação Geral da Marinha)

Displacement: 815 ton.

Length: 76,2 meters.

Beam: 8,35 meters.

Draught: 4,50 meters.

Propulsion: Inclined compound. Cylindrical return tube. 1,400 hp.

Speed: 15 Knots.

Armament 2/ 47 mm pounder guns.

Complement 50.

Decommissioned 12 November 1952

Jaceguai was Ex British built Racecourse Class HMS Fairfield. Initially used by Brazilian Navy as a Survey ship. She was acquired and incorporated on17/02/1937. With Brazil entry in the war, Jaceguai was reclassified as a Corvette and was armed with 2 47 mm guns, two central "Y" throwers and two depth charge rails with capacity for 8 bombs each, in addition to other charges stored on the deck, being incorporated to the Southern Naval Force at Rio de Janeiro.

Photo SDGM From Jose Henrique Mendes Collection.


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