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The picture shows one of the Felipe Camarão Class.

Photo. SDGM (Serviço de Documentação Geral da Marinha)

Launched Feb 1942

Incorporated: 11/Jun/1943.

Decom: 1953.

Displacement: 680 ton , 813 (loaded).

Dimensions: Length: 53.70 m.

Beam: 8.53 m.

Draught: 4.87 m.

Propulsion: Coal burners and triple expansion boilers with 1.000 hp.

Speed: 12,5 knots.

Range: 2.500 miles.

Armament: 1 , 3 pol. (76 mm) gun, 4 Oerlikon Mk 10 , 20 mm/70 Machineguns, single mountings and 4 D/C throwers K Mk 6 and Mk 9.

Complement: 70.

Corvette Felipe Camarão, Ex-Papaterra, was ordered with five more of the same class by British Shipowner The Marine Navigation Company Ltd., as fishing trawlers and was built by the Brazilian shipyard Organização Henrique Lage, at Viana Island, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. With the War II outset, these vessels already under construction, with all units with keel laid and 2 launched, were ceded by the British Admiralty to the Brazilian Government on 24/Aug/1942.

Thence the cost was afforded by the Brazilian Navy and they were incorporated 11/Jun/1943. Papaterra, was re classified as a Corvette and was named Felipe Camarão. Her first commander was Lieutenant Captain João Pereira Machado.

Felipe Camarão took active role in the patrol escorting several convoys in the West South Atlantic sub area.


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