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Displacement. 340 tons

Length: 35,50 meters

Beam: 6,25 meters

Draught: 3,66 meters

Propulsion: Coal

Speed: 10 kts

Armament: 2 37mm Vickers Sons & Maxim guns

1 27 mm Lewis Machine Gun

24 Mines

Itapemirim was  built in Sweden, as the fishing trawler  "Atlantique". The same was acquired and incorporated into Brazilian Navy on 21 May 1917.

On 17 Oct 1938, was renamed as Minesweeper Itapemirim. At the same time, she was incorporated into the Minesweeper Flotille. During the Second World War, Itapemirim was assigned to the local defense of  Rio de Janeiro harbor. The same was decommissioned on 13 Sep 1946.


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