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Both pictures above show Sub Chaser Gurupi sailing off Rio de Janeiro and at the docks of Brazilian Navy Arsenal.

Photos DPHDM via

Built 1942

Tonnage 450 ton (Loaded).

Length: 52.73 m

Beam: 7.01 m

Draught 3.04 m.

Propulsion: Diesel; 2 Engines 16 Cylinders; General Motors Model 16-258S with 2.000 bhp, 2 shafts with 3 blade propellers.

Speed:  max. 20 knots.

Range: 3.000 Nautical miles @12 knots.

Armament: 1 3 pol. (76.2 mm/50) Oerlikon gun; 1 Bofors L/60 gun, 40 mm in one single mounting Mk 3; 2 machineguns Oerlikon 20 mm single mountings Mk 4; 2 grenade octuples throwers of A/S (LBG) 7.2 pol. Mousetrap Mk 20 at the bow ; 2 Depth Charges rack Mk 3 and 2 side throwers type K Mk 6 for Depth Charges Mk 6 or Mk 9.

Sensors: 1 surveillance surface radar type SF or SL; 1 hull sonar.

Complement: 65

Guaiba plying the rolling sea in a patrol search for enemy submarines.

Sub Chaser Guaiba - G 1, ex-USS PC 604, was built at Sullivan Dry Dock and Repair Co., Brooklyn, New York. She was launched 24/Oct/42 and incorporated to the Brazilian Navy on 11/Jul/42. She was transferred and incorporated to the Brazilian Navy 11/Jun/1943 in a ceremony Miami, Florida. Her first commander was Lieutenant Captain Aluisio Galvão Antunes. The cost of acquisition of the sub chaser of these class in 1942/1943 was US$ 1,7 million.


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