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Photo SDGM (Serviço de Documentação Geral da Marinha)

Displacement: 5.227 grt e 7.000 dwt.

Dimensions: Length: 110.08 m.

Beam: 15.5 m.

Draught: 2.31 m.

Propulsion: 3 2850 PSI Steam boilers, 2 Triple expansion boilers, 2.700 hp, 2 screws.

Fuel : Coal.

Speed: 11.8 knots.

Complement 300

Armament: 4 4.7 pol. (120 mm) guns. 6, 6 pounds(57 mm)guns.

International Call Sign: PXTD.

Destroyer Tender Belmonte, ex German Valesia, was built at A.G. Neptun, Rostock, Germany, 1912, with Hull # 326. In World War I when docked at the harbor of Santos she was arrested in 1917. Soon was incorporated to Brazilian Lloyd bearing the name of Palmares. She was transferred to the Brazilian Navy by order # 840, 8/Feb/1918. During War II Tender Belmonte served the Brazilian Navy in assistance to the ships of the FNN, Northeast Naval Force.

Tender Belmonte seen anchored at Recife harbor circa 1944.


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