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Laid down 06/Nov/1937

Completed  22/Oct/1938

Incorporated  16/Sep/1939

Tonnage  550 ton

Length: 57 m

Beam: 7.80 m

Draught: 2.50 m.

Propulsion: 2 boilers and 2 standby engines with 1.300 hp.

Fuel: 85 tons.

Speed: Max.  15 knots.

Range: 2.500 NM.

Armament: 1 4 in. Gun (102 mm/28), 2 Oerlikon machineguns Mk 10 with 20 mm/70 single mounting, 44 mines.

Complement: 70

Cananeia's first commander was Lieutenant Captain Raul Reis Gonçalves de Sousa.Corvette Cananeia C-2 initially served under Southern Naval Force, Headquarters Rio de Janeiro. On 24/Apr/1944 she received orders to join Northeast Naval Force at Recife Camp Ingram. There she played an active role in patrolling and escorting duties in the south Atlantic.

On 13/Nov/42 Corvette Cananeia rescued 23 survivors from Dutch Merchant Veerhaven off Fernando de Noronha Is.

Cananeia also convoyed the American Merchant Eagle which was torpedoed off Cabo Frio on 25/Jun/43 by U-513 on pos. 23º.07"S, 41º.53"W. Eagle managed to reach port where temporary repairs were made. Later the merchant sailed for Aruba and then to an US port where permanent repairs were made in Feb/1944.

Cananeia seen on this artistic rendition as a minelayer before her convertion to Corvette.


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