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Laid down: 19/Nov/1925

Launched: 11/Jun/1927

Incorporated: 20/Jul/1929

Decom: 25/Nov/1950

Tonnage: 1.450 ton, 1.884 ton (Loaded).

Length: 86.71 m

Beam: 7.77 m

Draught: 4.26 m.

Propulsion: diesel-electric; 2 diesel Fiat Q 458 engines 8 cyl. with 2000 hp @ 360 rpm, 2 main electrical motors Savigliano of 500 hp @ 221/242 rpm, coupled to 2 shafts driving two propellers of 3 blades ea, plus 2 auxiliaries Generators motors Fiat Q 304 with 425 hp and 288 Kw each and accumulators Hensenberger type Ironclad-Exide PA-820 - 25/20.

Speed: Max 18.5 knots (surfaced) and 10 knots (submerged).

Range: 12.840 Nautical miles at 10 knots (surfaced) or 120 milhas at 4 knots (submerged).

Max Depth : 100 meters (normal), 105 (tests).

Armament: 6 21 pol , 533mm torpedo tubes being 2 in the stern. Max number of torpedoes: 12 torpedoes Whitehead type SI; 1 120 mm/41 gun; 2 13,2 mm machineguns Hotchkiss , 16 Ansaldo type mines.

International Call sign : PXTA

Complement: 68 men, being 5 officers, 6 ensigns, 12 sergeants, 40 corporals and 5 mess men. 

Submarine Humayta was built at Cantieri Navale Odero Terni Orlando, La Spezia, Italy, where was laid down 1926. She was launched 1927 and her first commander was Lieutenant Commander Alberto Lemos Bastos.

History: On 25/Jun/1927, left La Spezia, with a complete Brazilian crew initiating alone and with no ports of call the historical crossing of the Mediterranean and Atlantic bound to Brazil. After sailing uninterrupdedly for 5.100 nautical miles, a prowess at that age and arrived safely at Rio de Janeiro on 18/Jul/1927.

Submarine Humaytá was a minelaying submarine, one of the largest built. She was the first submarine to be employed in minelaying operations in Brazil, and this was performed with frequency. During the War, it was largely used in patrol operations and training of surface units in ASW, and convoy escort duties as well as training Brazilian and US Navy air units incorporated to the Northeast Naval Force.

Submarine Humayta seen during sea trials. Photo

Launching ceremony of submarine Humayta in Cantiere Navale, La Spezia. Photo.


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