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Keel laid: 15 Jul 1913

Launched: 7 Sep 1915

Incorporated: 28 Apr 1917

Decommissioned: 21 Mar 1946

Displacement: 3.500 ton (Standard), 5.740 ton (Full loaded).


Length: 101.30 meters

Beam: 15.75 meters

Draught: 6.0 meters

Propulsion: 2/6 Cylinders Fiat Diesel Engines with 2,100 HP each.

Speed Max. 14 kts.

Armament: 4/4 inch (102mm) guns, 2/57 mm guns, 2/47 mm guns and 2/13,2 mm Hotchkiss machine guns.

Tender Ceara operated at the Submarine Flotilla when was incorporated into the Northeast Naval Force, based in Recife with four Brazilian submarines. In addition to intensely participating in the training of escorts to convoys, antisubmarine tactics for surface units and aircraft, these submarines worked together with the 4th US Fleet against Axis forces.


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