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SC-497 Class Submarine Chaser: Laid down 9 April 1942 by W. A. Robinson, Inc., Ipswich, MA; Launched 27 October 1942; Commissioned USS SC-766, 11 November 1942; Decommissioned, (date unknown)

Transferred to Brazil 31 December 1942 and renamed Juruena (CS 54); Struck from the Naval Register, 1951. Fate unknown.

Displacement 98 t

Length 110' 10"

Beam 17' 11"

Max. Draft 6' 6"(fl)

Speed 15.6 or 21k

Complement: 3 officers, 24 enlisted

Armament one 40mm, two 20-mm, two or three dcp "K Guns", 14 depth charges with six single release chocks, two sets Mk 20 Mousetrap rails with four 7.2 projectiles

Propulsion two General Motors 8-268A or two General Motors 16-184A "pancake" engines, two shafts.


On 29/Mar/43, J-4 left Miami bound to Key West, as a flagship of one Task Group headed by Lieutenant Captain Arthur Oscar Saldanha da Gama, sided by Jacui J 7 and Jundiaí J 8, in a convoy escort duty.

Between 8 and 12 Jun, the same Task Group joined one mixed Escort Group at the KG 638 Key West – Guantanamo Convoy. The train was composed by Merchants Suffolk, Cearalóide, APC-71, Rita, Oldhara, Gallant Fox, Juno, Coverbrook, Domino, Willian J. Bryan, Far and Robert Lowry. The screen also had the assistance of the USS SC 675, SC 656, SC 500, SC 1276, SC 1277 and SC 1034, USN.

On 13/Jun/43, Juruena J- 4, departed with the Task Group, also Brazilian-American in the escort of the Guantânamo Bay - Aruba - Trinidad (GAT 68)convoy, arriving in Trinidad on 19/Jun.

On 3/Jul/43 she left Trinidad to Brazil as part of one mixed group in the Trinidad – Recife (TJ 1)Convoy, arriving at Recife (PE) on 14/Jul/43


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