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Laid down 11/Dec/1937

Completed  28/Oct/1939

Incorporated  7/Jun/1940

Tonnage  550 ton

Length: 57 m

Beam: 7.80 m

Draught 2.50 m.

Propulsion: 2 boilers and 2 standby engines with 1.300 hp.

Fuel: 85 tons.

Speed: Max.  15 knots.

Range: 2.500 NM.

Armament: 1 4 in. Gun (102 mm/28), 2 Oerlikon machineguns Mk 10 with 20 mm/70 single mounting, 44 mines.

Complement: 70 men, 5 officers and  65 ratings.

The Minelayer/Corvette Camocim - C 3, was the second vessel to bear this name at Brazilian Navy after a river and a city at the State of Ceara. She was built at the Navy Arsenal, Rio de Janeiro, Ilha das Cobras, (Snakes Island). Laid up at 11/Dec/1937 and incorporated at 7/Jun/1940. In that occasion her first captain was Capitão-de-Corveta Américo Jacques Mascarenhas da Silveira. She served during war under command of Adm Jonas Ingram Fourth Fleet at Recife Camp Ingram.

On 13th January 1944, Camocim while escorting convoy JT 19, picks up the last 34 survivors (26 German and 8 Italian) of the three German blockade runners sunk on 3, 4, and 5 January, the Weserland, Burgenland and Rio Grande.


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