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Photo. SDGM (Serviço de documentação Geral da Marinha)

Completed: 1910

Displacement: 560 tons. 640 (full loaded)

Length: 73,15 meters

Beam: 7,08 meters

Draught: 2,02 meters

Propulsion: 2 steam boilers Yarrow; 2 triple expansion engines with 8.800 hp, 2 shafts 2 screws.

Armament: 2 4 in. guns (102 mm) in two single mounts, 4 47 mm guns and 2 single torpedo tubes 18 in.

Fuel: 140 tons of coal.

Speed: 28 knots Max.

Range: 1.600 miles at 15 knots.

Complement: 104

During the war, CT 3 Piahuy was assigned the task of patrolling the adjacent waters off Rio de Janeiro harbor.


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