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DE Marcilio Dias seen at Navy Arsenal at Rio de Janeiro.

Photo. SDGM (Serviço de Documentação Geral da Marinha)

Displacement 1500 tons. 2200 tons (full load.)

Length 108.81m.

Beam 10,61 m.

Draught 3.04m.

Propulsion 2 shaft GE geared turbines, 4 Babcock & Wilcox boilers 42 800 HP.

Speed  36,5 knots.

Complement 190.

Armament 5 x 5 Inch / 38 guns.4 - 20 Inch torpedo tubes.4 Depth Charge Throwers.

Decomissioned 1966.

Destroyer Marcilio Dias was launched  20/7/40 and commissioned November 43. They were built based on Mahan Class Destroyers. Soon after completion in US arsenals, one 5 inch gun and torpedo tube were removed to improve stability when extra A/A guns and radar were fitted.

On July 2, 1944, she left Rio de Janeiro as part of a Task Group composed by Destroyers Greenhalg - M 2 and Mariz e Barros - M 1, along with Cruisers USS Omaha - CL 4 and two US Destroyers with the mission of escorting the 1st Brazilian Expeditionary Force bound for Italy, carried by USS General Mann - AP 112. On July 13, the USS Kearny - DD 432 was added to the group in Gibraltar.
In August 1944 Escorted the 2nd contingent of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force FEB for the Italian front

On February 8 1945, she departed from Rio de Janeiro as part of a Task Group composed of DE Mariz and Barros - M 1 and USS Marblehead - CL 12, as part of an escorting for 5th Squadron of Brazilian Expeditionary Force bound for Italy, embarked on the USS General Meigs

In the picture above, Destroyer Marcilio Dias is seen during launching ceremony at Brazilian Navy Arsenal Riuo de Janeiro. Photo. NGB Navios de Guerra Brasileiros

Marcilio Dias seen moored at Brazilian Navy Arsenal Rio de Janeiro.


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