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The first attack made by one Brazilian aircraft and crew against one Axis submarine, occurred in 22 May 1942.One B-25 Mitchell from Agrupamento de Aviões de Adaptação, (Convertion Aircraft Group), based in Fortaleza, was in a routine sweep patrol off Fernando De Noronha Is., and Saint Paul Rocks, where 4 days before Brazilian Merchant Comandante Lyra had been attacked by Italian submarine "Barbarigo".  

At 02:00 PM, the crew of B-25, under command of Cap. Parreiras Horta (FAB) and composed by Cap. Pamplona (FAB), 1st Lt. Schwane (USAAF), Sgt. Yates (USAAF), S/Sgt. Tyler (USAAF) e S/Sgt. Robinson (USAAF) –caught one German u-boat sailing on the surface, which immediately reacted with heavy Anti Aircraft fire in the presence of Brazilian plane.  

In accordance with previous orders, Brazilian crews could not engage in any fighting against enemy submarines unless they were firstly attacked. This is explained by the fact that Brazil was still under state of neutrality. Being so,  with no hesitation  even  in face  of  strong enemy fire,   the crew machine gunned and dropped depth charges  which exploded  in the vicinities of the u-boat. 

Five days later, another two aircrafts of the same group located enemy submarines prowling on the surface and once again with the same resolve immediately engaged in combat.  Brazilian Air Force (FAB), despite so many difficulties inherent to a newly created force, struggling with the lack of adequate training, facilities, airbases and skilled personnel gave one extraordinary lesson of patriotism, pride, sense of duty, where men like Brigadier Eduardo Gomes amalgamated the temper of those young and brave aviators which in 1944 wrote a memorable chapter for the history of the Brazilian Air Force FAB in the skies of Italy with the 1st Fighter Group.  

Artistic rendition on the first attack made by Brazilian Air force on 22/05/42   

Brazilian American mixed crew which took part in the first attack against one UBoat  


FAB hits the enemy, says the poster.


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