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Manufacturer: Beech Aircraft Corp.   

Length: 8,13m

Span: 9,75m

Height: 2,43m

Maximum Take-off weight: 1.927kg.  

Engine : One radial  Wright R-760-E2 with 350HP   

Maximum speed: 297,8 km/h    

Crew: 4 

Brazilian Air force received 40 aircraft during the war years. C 43 was the very first squadron to make the northern south Atlantic route with 6 aircrafts which despite the natural dangers when flying over the Amazon region, managed to arrive in Rio, Afonsos Field on 31 Dec 41.

These first six aircrafts were brought to serve the National Air Mail and they were parked at the ramp of Beechcraft  factory at Wichita when the occasion of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. During the year of 1942 9 more UC - 43 were brought to Brazil. In 1943 15 UC-43 were flown from Wichita to Brazil and in 1944 ten more planes were added to the Brazilian Air Force.

Above one UC 43 with the colors of Brazilian Navy. Photo

This old bird is now in permanent display at the MUSAL. Museu Aeroespacial Brasil.

UC-43 assembly line at Beechcraft Wichita. Photo


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