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Brazilian Air Force FAB operated 122 units of the versatile Vultee BT-15 between 1942 to 1956.

Brazilian designation: BT-15, T-15. Dubbed by Brazilian aviators as VULTEEZINHO or Little Vultee.


Monoplane, Low Wing, Two seats in tandem.

Engine: Wright or Brazilian manufactured under license  F.N.M. R-975-11 de 450 hp, radial, 9 cylinders.    

Span: 12,80 m. Length: 8,78 m. Height: 3,50 m. Wing area: 22,20 sq mt. 

Empty Weight: 1.530,9 kg. Maximum Weight: 2.039,4 kg. 

Rate of Climb: 337 m/min. Ceiling: 6.598 m. 

Range: 1.165 km.   

Weapons. None.   

In Brazilian Air Force they were designated by tail #: 01 to 122, later  BT-15 1048 to 1166 and  1373 to 1375.

A group of BT 15 Vultee seen parked at Afonsos Airfield Rio de Janeiro Photo

One Vultee Bt 15 seen at Curitiba Airbase

Detail of two BT 15 at Campo dos Afonsos Airfield Rio de janeiro.

The photo details the moment when the first BT 15 produced in Brazil takes off from the factory at Lagoa Santa.


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