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20 aircraft arrived in Brazil on July 1940. In 1941, with the creation of Air Ministry they were transferred to the Brazilian Air Force FAB.


Crew 2   

Max Takeoff 2,717 lbs.  

Length: 24ft. 3in.   

Height: 9ft. 2in.    

Engine: Lycoming 220 hp   

Weight: Empty 1,936 lbs.   

Wing Span: 32ft. 2in.   


Maximum Speed: 124 mph.   

Ceiling: 11,200 ft. 

Range: 200 miles.   

Armament: None    

This rare aircraft was restored and is in display at the MUSAL  Museu Aeroespacial

This artistic rendition shows one Stearman evolving around the Christ "The Redeemer" Statue at Rio de Janeiro.


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