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Brazilian Army Air Force took delivery of  30 aircrafts between 1940 and 1941 when all were transferred to the newly created  Brazilian Air Force.

 Advanced trainer.  

Characteristics: Monoplane, Low wing, single engine, two seats in tandem.   

Engine: Pratt & Whitney Wasp S1H1 R-1340-AN1 with 600 hp, 9 Cylinders Radial, air cooled.   

Wing span: 12,95 m. 

Length: 8,20 m.    

Height: 3,90 m.   

Wing area: 23,98 m2.   

Empty weight: 1.791 kg.  

Maximum weight: 2.887 kg.  

Performance: Maximum speed: 330 km/h.  

Rate of Climb: 380 m/min.   

Service Ceiling: 6.553 m.   

Range: 1.206 km.   

Armament: 2 Browning .30 machine guns in the wings, and one flexible at rear nacelle. NA 72 carried a load of 160 kg of bombs under the wings.

Above, several NA 72 seen parked at Afonsos Airfield Rio de Janeiro. Photo

NA 72 at Afonsos Airfield Rio de Janeiro. Photo Museu Aeroespacial Brazil.


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