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Brazilian Air Force operated  17 units  between 1944 and 1960.Tail #: 2795 to 2811. Designation: UC-64 e UC-64 A.  

Manufacturer: Noorduyn Aviation Ltda - Canadá   

Weight: Empty 4,680 lbs. 

Max Takeoff 7,400 lbs.   

Wing Span: 51ft. 6in.  

Length: 32ft. 0 in.   

Height: 10ft. 3 in.   


Maximum Speed: 162 mph   

Cruising Speed: 148 mph 

Ceiling: 17,000 ft.  

Range: 1,550 miles.   

Armament: None

Category: Transport.   

Engines: Pratt & Whitney Wasp R-1340 AN-1 with 600 hp, Radial, 9 Cylinder.   


UC 64 Noordwin seen date and location unknown.

UC 64 with its Air Force livery. Photo Marcius Cesar Costa

The first part of this newsreel is dedicated to Brazil and its effort in the war at the Allied side. Rare scenes of the aircrafts being ferried from US factories to Brazil by Brazilian crews in a long and risky journey of more than 6000 miles. One of the most remarkable flights ever made by training planes. The scenes depicts the young Brazilian crews manning their UC-64 Norseman.


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