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Beechcraft AT-7/AT-11/C45 – Aircraft employed in multi role missions of Bombing training, Navigation, and photography. Low wing, dual empennage, nose in plexiglass; powered with two Pratt & Whitney R-985-NA-1 Wasp Junior radial engines with 450 hp each.  

It also could be fitted with 2 .30 mm machine guns, being one in the nose and the other dorsal turret and carry a load of 1.000 lb of bombs. They were used from 1943 to 1975. Initially they were allocated to the 2nd GT Transport Group and to the National Air Mail Correio Aereo  Nacional. Later other were used by the Specialist officers School  Escola de Especialistas da Aeronautica and Aeronautical Infantry Guard (EOEIG), in Curitiba, for the upgrade of armament specialists board. 

Brazilian Air Force used versions, AT-7B, AT-7C, D-18S being 15 airplanes during the war and 77 more were received after 1945. They were in active service by mid 70’s.  

Specifications (AT-11)    
Engines: Two 450-hp Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-1 Wasp Junior radial piston engines. 

Weight: Empty 6,175 lbs., Max Takeoff 8,727 lbs.    

Wing Span: 47ft. 8in. 

Length: 34ft. 3in. Height: 9ft. 8in.   

Maximum Speed: 215 mph

Ceiling: 21,400 ft. 

Range: 850 miles. 

Armament: Two .30-caliber machine guns, one in nose, one in dorsal turret.   

Above, Beech AT- 7 seen at MUSAL Museu Aeroespacial at Afonsos Airfield Rio de Janeiro


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