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Conceived in 1940 as a by product of the famous Goose, G-21, the Widgeon was adopted by several Air Forces as well as civilian operators. In Brazil 14 of these aircrafts were used by the Brazilian Air Force between 1942 and 1958. FAB used Grumman G 44 for primary training on patrol duties.  

General characteristics:   

Crew: one, pilot   

Capacity: 5 passengers   

Length: 31 ft 1 in (9.47 m).  

Wingspan: 40 ft 0 in (12.19 m).   

Height: 11 ft 5 in (3.48 m)  

Wing area: 245 ft² (22.8 m²) 

Empty weight: 3,189 lb (1,470 kg).   

Loaded weight: 4,500 lb (2,041 kg)   

Max takeoff weight: 4,500 lb (2,500 kg)   

Powerplant: 2× Ranger L-440C-5 inverted inline 6-cylinder engines, 200 hp (150 kW) each


Maximum speed: 139 kn (160 mph, 257 km/h)   

Range: 800 nmi (920 mi, 1,481 km) 

Rate of climb: 1,000 ft/min (305 m/min)

A rare view of one Widgeon parked. Date and location unknown.

Pictures by Museu Aeroespacial-Brasil


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