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Brazilian Air Force also received sundry other aircrafts many used for the transport. Several Commands of the Air Force and Brazilian Army employed them to visit Airbases and other military garrisons across the country. 8 Lockheed L-12 were brought during the war. 

General characteristics

Crew: 2, pilot and co-pilot 

Capacity: six passengers  

Length: 36 ft 4 in (11.07 m)  

Wingspan: 49 ft 6 in (15.09 m)  

Height: 9 ft 9 in (2.97 m)  

Wing area: 352 ft² (32.7 m²)  

Empty weight: 5,765 lb (2,615 kg)  

Loaded weight: 8,650 lb (3,924 kg)    

Powerplant: 2× Pratt & Whitney R-985-48 radial engines, 450 hp (336 kW) each 


Maximum speed: 195 knots (225 mph, 362 km/h)   

Range: 695 NM (800 mi, 1,287 km)    

Service ceiling 22,900 ft (6,980 m) 

Rate of climb: 1,140 ft/min (427 m/min)

A line of Lockheed Electra 12 is seen in one military airfield in Brazil. Picture by Gustav Adolfo.

One Lockheed Electra 12 parked at the airfield of Campo de Marte São Paulo. there the Brazilian Air Force kept a large maintenance Center to service several types of aircrafts.  


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