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General characteristics   

Crew: one, pilot    

Capacity: 3 passengers  

Length: 23 ft 10 in (7.27 m)   

Wingspan: 36 ft 4 in (11.08 m)  

Height: 7 ft 8 in (2.34 m)    

Wing area: 193 ft² (17.9 m²)   

Empty weight: 1,813 lb (822 kg)   

Max takeoff weight: 2,882 lb (1,307 kg)  

Powerplant: 1× Ranger Engine L-440-5 inline, 200 hp (149 kW) or Warner Scarab 165 hp radial   


Maximum speed: 108 knots (124 mph, 200 km/h)    

Range: 404 nm (465 miles, 748 km)    

Service ceiling: 12,700 ft (3,870 m)

Brazilian Air Force used these versatile sturdy aircrafts to and from Maintenance Units and operational bases. 10 Aircrafts were received during the war years.

One UC-61 seen restored at display at Museu dos Afonsos.  


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