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Hundreds of aircrafts of several types were used by newly created Brazilian Air Force FAB, and most aircraft received under lend lease program. Upon their arrival they were put in operation as soon as the pilots became familiarized. Squadrons were composed by  Vultee VC 65B, Vultee BT-15, Grumman J4F2, P-36 Mohawk, A-20 Boston, A-28 Hudson, Vultee V-11, B-18 Bolo,  P-40 N Warhawk,  NA 72,  B-25 Mitchell,  PBY-5 Catalinas,  PV2 Harpoon,  Vultee A-31,  PV1 Venturas, C 47 Skytrain, Noordwin Norseman C-64 Lodestar, C-60 Lockheed, PT- 19 Fairchild, Lockheed 12, UC-78 Cessna, Beech AT-7, Beech C-43, North American NA-44, NA T-6,  and  Twin engined  Focke Wulf FW 58-B built in Brazil. Brazilian Air Force also sent to Europe  in 1944 one fighter Squadron composed by 30 P-47 Thunderbolts. They saw action over the skies of Italy attached to the 350th Fighter Group of the US Air Force.

During the war Brazil received nearly 1040  aircrafts out of 2000 delivered to South American countries through Lend Lease program. A vast array of up to date aircraft was delivered to the Brazilian Air Force under Lend Lease agreements. Brazilian Aircrews duly  trained by the U.S flight Instructors, soon  formed several squadrons and assumed all assigned duties previously in the hands and  under responsibility of US Squadrons. 18 aircrafts out of 1040 ferried to Brazil were lost due to accidents, being 7 crewed by Brazilian pilots and 11 by US crews. 


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