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Commissioned 20/Feb/43 U-848 a IX-D2 type had 1 ship sunk for a total of 4,573GRT

U-848 sank 1 ship in the south Atlantic, the British Baron Semple with 9,000 DWT

Fate: Sunk 5 Nov, 1943 in the South Atlantic south-west of Ascension Island, in approximate position 10º09"S 18º00"W, by depth charges from 3 Liberator and 2 Mitchell aircraft (VB-107 & US Army 1st Compron).

63 dead (all hands lost)

On 3 December 1943 at 1800Z in position 08º00" S and 31º32" W, the U.S.S. Marblehead picked up a lone survivor from an Army life raft. There was little doubt that this man was a survivor of U-848, the sub sunk 5 November. His condition was very critical and when the Marblehead stood in at Recife on 4 December he was immediately taken to the Navy hospital. He died 2 days later and was buried at Recife with military honors.


U-848 sank 1 ship in the south Atlantic, the British BARON SEMPLE with 9,000 DWT



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